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Water Washable Resin Review

This is the list of Water Washable Resin that are currently under testing. More details and a full comparison coming soon. Please note these ranking are preliminary. More testing is being done, but I expect changes to be minor at this point.

Gray Resin Test

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1Phrozen Water Washable Grayhttps://geni.us/PhrozenWaterWashableMy favorite from the start. Looks good, cleans easy, strong but flexible, can be hard to find in stock
2EPAX Water Washablehttps://geni.us/EpaxWaterWashableVERY VERY nice resin. Color matches GW plastic really well.
3Nova3D Water Washable Grayhttps://geni.us/Nova3DWaterWashableThese four are all very good. Kind of Blue Gray, strong, not brittle, easy to clean
3.1Longer Water Washablehttps://geni.us/LONGERWaterWashable
3.2Shine Sing Water Washablehttps://geni.us/ShineSingWaterWashable
3.3Eryone Water Washablehttps://geni.us/ERYONEWaterWashable
7Elegoo Water Washable Grayhttps://geni.us/ElegooWaterWashableGood quality easy to worth with, but somewhat brittle
8Rich OPTO Water Washablehttps://geni.us/RichOptoWaterWashableVery good color, but several more failures than others
9SainSmart Water Washable Grayhttps://geni.us/SainSmartWaterWashable
Love the color, seems super fragile, HARD to remove support
9.1ESun Water Washablehttps://geni.us/eSUNWaterWashableSeesm identical to the SainSmart
103DMaterials Water Washable Grayhttps://geni.us/3DMaterialsWaterWash
VERY hard to clean. left lots of residue. It looked good except for the cleaning. They have very specific instructions online.
11Mararubot 3D Water Washable?https://geni.us/MamoruboWaterWashableAlmost seems like it is not water washable. Quality is terrible. Super Fragile
Control Non Water Washable
Elegoo ABS Resinhttps://geni.us/ElegooABSResin
ESun Bio Resinhttps://geni.us/eSUNBioResin

Other Water Washables

Resin LinkNotesColor
Phrozen Water Washable Blackhttps://geni.us/PhrozenWaterWashableGreat resin but very black, almost feels like carbon fiberBlack
IFUN Water Washable Whitehttps://geni.us/IFUNWaterWashableWhite not gray, but very good qualityWhite

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