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Star Wars The Force Awakens International Trailer

Star Wars The Force Awakens International Trailer

Where did this come from?  I didn’t expect to see anything more until the movie released.  And certainly not another full trailer with more detail.  But now we have The Force Awakens International Trailer.  It’s “kind of” the same trailer we’ve seen but with tons of new angles and more connections between the scenes that have previously been shown.

TFAIT-Star Destroyer
The Force Awakens International Trailer shows several longer cuts of scenes…

And it has some beautiful shots!

TFAIT-Tie Fighters


Should you watch it?  It depends.  I have recommended to multiple people that they not watch it.  It does give away more information.  It does clean up some of the timeline questions we have had.  But I was perfectly happy with what we had and didn’t need any more.  I would have rather not seen it, but because it exists I had to…


So with no further ado…


Now, are you happy?

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