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Star Wars

Darth Vader Weizen Glass

Darth Vader Weizen Glass

During high school I spent a month in Germany.  During that time I found that I am a big fan of Hefeweizen which is an unfiltered wheat beer.  You can’t drink a proper hefeweizen out of a bottle.  It has to be poured into a glass.  The proper glass to use for this is a Weizen Glass.  Sometimes these are mistaken for a Pilsner Glass or even a Hurricane Glass.  It’s definitely one of the more attractive glasses if for not other reason than it holds at least a half liter of beer.  These glasses are often available with city decorations or as sponsored glasses.  But I’ve now seen the best.

Darth Vader Hurricane Glass 1 Darth Vader Hurricane Glass 2 Darth Vader Hurricane Glass 4

This Darth Vader Weizen Glass is just stunning.

20 ounce hand painted glass

  • Designed by fine artist Adrian Villanueva
  • Utilizes ReverzArt technique which uses no paint on the inside of the glass
  • Packaged in color gift box
  • Perfect for the ultimate Star Wars fan






Even the box is gorgeous.

Darth Vader Hurricane Glass 3If you need one, or a dozen for your bar you can find them on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1Z4ojZt






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